Choice Mix


60 minsFirst aired 22 Jan 2019
Jacob Khrist

The fast-rising high priestess of Parisian techno blends raucous kicks and entrancing dark rhythms.

Growing up in the Parisian techno scene, AZF frequented clubs like Pulp and Chez Moune, where she occasionally worked as a bouncer for the latter’s lesbian nights. She’s curated the Jeudi Minuit and Qui Embrouille Qui club nights, is a fixture at the epic La Station club and also heads up a regular show on Rinse France — these efforts have helped her growing reputation as one of the country’s most exciting exports for dark, driving rhythms. In her Choice Mix, AZF steps up with her signature style of hard industrial sounds combined with sinister aesthetics.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Conor Anderson

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