Choice Mix

Complete Walkthru

60 minsFirst aired 20 Mar 2018Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT
Pete Deevakul

New York house producer and 1080p affiliate Max McFerren explores his Complete Walkthru alias with bubbling grooves and soundscape splashes

Complete Walkthru is an alias of Brooklyn-based house producer Max McFerren, a moniker he uses to produce twisted, colorful house music. After 2016’s self-titled album on 1080p, and 2017’s Social Security album on Complete Walkthru Records, McFerren has released a bumper double act: Never Online: Collected Works Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, again on his own label. For his Choice Mix, McFerren explores the universe of Complete Walkthru: Strange techno grooves bubbling under surface ambience, vivid splashes of house and far-reaching electronics.

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