Choice Mix

DJ Blackcat

60 minsFirst aired 17 Oct 2018Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT
Christopher James Cushman

The Toronto native and a key player in the city’s LGBTQ club scene throws down an hour of house, ballroom and soca blends.

As a DJ and promoter, DJ Black Cat has been a fixture of Toronto’s queer club scene for more than 25 years. He throws a club night called OVAH (dedicated to house and ballroom music) and a monthly night called GO HARD, featuring hip-hop, dancehall, soca and R&B. For his contributions to his community, and for single-handedly bringing the urban sound to Toronto’s LGBTQ scene, he is this year’s recipient of the Inspire Awards Lifetime Achievement Award. This Black Cat never sleeps and neither will you if you’re at one of his functions and dare to cross his path.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Nat Weiner

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