Choice Mix

MiniStereo Público

60 minsFirst aired 1 Apr 2019
Paola Alfamor

Reggae, dub, ragga, dancehall and more: Crew members DJ Raiz, DJ Pureza and Regivan presents anthems from MiniStereo Público.

Inspired by Jamaican soundsystem culture, MiniStereo Público is Salvador’s first sound team specializing in reggae, dub, ragga, dancehall and jungle. The team behind it have spread this culture to the streets, squares, neighborhoods and nightclubs of the cities of Bahia. In this episode, DJ Raiz, DJ Pureza and Regivan from MiniStereo Público presents a wide-reaching musical selection, a mix of productions from emerging national and international artists, with references to the north and northeast of Brazil (samba-reggae, xote and repente) mixed with dancehall, moombahton, ragga jungle and roots reggae.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Michael Blumenfeld

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