Choice Mix

D’Marc Cantu

60 minsFirst aired 6 Feb 2018Next Choice Mix Today at 10:00pm EDT
Seze Devres

The prolific Ann Arbor-based underground house and techno producer delivers a mix that blends heady live jams and new, original tracks.

It’s apt that D’Marc Cantu would be from Ann Arbor. The Michigan city is a 45-minute drive west from Detroit, and while those musical influences are certainly felt, Ann Arbor has its own strange spin on things. The Ghostly International label and the Necto Nightclub began there, and it’s where D’Marc Cantu has been building up a vast discography of original music for nearly 20 years. Focusing his work on deep house and techno, and the acid and jackbeat styles within, he’s released music on M>O>S Recordings, Nation and Forbidden Planet, among many others. Collaborations are his strong point, having travelled between Chicago and Ann Arbor to collaborate with Traxx and JTC to create the earliest Crème JAK (an offshoot of Dutch label Crème Organization) and X2 material. After releasing two albums in 2017 — The Lodge, on Altered Mood,and True Nature, on Little Beat Different — Cantu heads into 2018 with fire in his belly, having recently teased several new releases that are ready to go. For his Choice Mix, Cantu creates a showcase of past and future solo and collaborative works, a heady blend of a live set and DJ mix.

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