Choice Mix

Feminine Hi-Fi

60 minsFirst aired 8 Dec 2018Leia isto em Português
Julia Rodrigues

The all-female Brazilian reggae soundsystem crew crafts a mixtape of female-led voices blended with Jamaican and Brazilian beats.

Feminine Hi-Fi are an all-female crew that came together out of Brazil’s two distinct styles of soundsystem culture: the north-eastern Radiolas movement, centrered on Jamaican roots reggae and travelling, hand-crafted systems; and a more expansive, multi-genre vision from the south-east, with systems like Dubversão bringing together African and Caribbean diasporic sounds. After discovering reggae through Dubversão, Dani-I Pisces began DJing and running her own parties, teaming up with friends Lovesteady, Laylah and Rude Sistah to create Feminine Hi-Fi. Their sound focuses on black music that draws lines between Jamaican, Brazil and the UK, with a lyrical focus on storytelling – female-led vocals singing songs of resistance, legalization, positivity, power of acquisition, conscience, ancestry, relationships, love and self-esteem.

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