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60 minsFirst aired 21 Mar 2017
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Having just released a new album for Planet Mu, Hyper Flux, Italian drummer and producer Herva invites the Choice Mix into his buzzing brain.

Growing up in a town on the outskirts of Florence, Hervè Atsè Corti was inspired by his rock guitarist and classical composer father to pick up the drumsticks and play in teenage rock bands. He’d dismissed electronic music almost entirely until he came across FruityLoops software while looking for a video game online, and treated the music production tool as just that. After switching between metal and funk bands as a drummer, and diving more into the sounds of Dutch trance and British IDM like Aphex Twin and Autechre, it was always the intricate and emotive rhythms that grabbed him – so much so that he started to produce his own music using FruityLoops, FL Studio and then Reason software, under the name Herva. Since 2011, Herva has released five singles and EPs on labels such as Bosconi, Delsin, Kontra-Musik and Don’t Be Afraid, and four albums on Delsin, All City Records and, most recently, legacy British electronic label Planet Mu, with 2015’s Kila and 2017’s Hyper Flux. His sound is a funk-laden, breaks-driven style of electronica that utilises intense drumming sequences and a litany of African diasporic music samples – “Kila” translates from Swahili to English as “everything,” an insight into his musical machinations – and his Choice Mix is laced with music which inspires his ever-evolving sound.


Photo by Chiara Sinatt

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