Choice Mix

Ill Blu

60 minsFirst aired 6 Mar 2019
Omar Khaleel

Slick UK funky, grime, rap and afrobeat-inspired heaters from the London powerhouse production duo.

Ill Blu is a duo from North West London, formed in 2008. Coming up in the scene with Princess Nyah’s UK funky track “Frontline” in 2009, they’ve since grown into producing a myriad of styles, from the UK garage and dubstep-infused-Bellion/Dragon Pop EP on Hyperdub to the gqom-nodding “Meltdown” on Numbers. Most recently they’ve teamed up with British rap duo Krept & Konan, Loski, and ZieZie on their infectious banger “Chop My Money.” In their Choice Mix, Ill Blu whip up an energetic mix full of the UK’s finest sounds, plus a slew of international hits.

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