Choice Mix

Inga Mauer

60 minsFirst aired 8 Nov 2016
Next Choice Mix Mon 07/02 at 2:00am EDT

The Russian DJ and Hivern mainstay takes us deep into her electronic body music, via dark wave, post-punk, industrial, and kraut styles.

Growing up in a small Russian village, Inga Mauer felt isolated from her peers musically: writing and recording at home, with few people to reach out to around her; using the internet as a way to communicate with friends in Europe and North America about music, even though they “felt like they were on a different planet.” On the day that a friend of Inga’s opened the now well-known St. Petersburg techno club Stackenschneider, a small space that gives a home to strange underground electronic sounds, and agreed to be a resident DJ there, Inga met another kindred Russian spirit who would become her booking agent-and-champion. Between “Stacken” and this new friendship, Inga played every weekend, in various locations around Russia, for one year: building a loyal fanbase under the radar of the wider dance music community. Some of those internet friendships – with Toulouse Low Trax of the Düsseldorf club Salon des Amateurs, and Guy Tavares of The Hague’s Bunker Records – invited her to play at their parties, and Inga has barely been able to call Russia home since, travelling and DJ-ing with fervor. As a producer, too, she’s started to release her own work on the Hivern Discs label (her debut EP, From Cologne To Clone, and a second EP, due in December 2016) and Matias Aguyao’s Cómeme label, too. For her Choice Mix, Inga Mauer delves into the morbid sensuality of fuzzy post-punk, synth-led pop, and thundering techno and electro to unearth dark gems.

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