Choice Mix

Jump Source

60 minsFirst aired 13 Feb 2018Next Choice Mix Tue at 11:00am EST
Courtesy of Jump Source

A double Canadian treat as Project Pablo teams up with Priori, playing house and techno that inspires their own unique, growing sound.

Jump Source is the duo of house producer Project Pablo and his friend and collaborator Francis Latreille. Having moved from his native Vancouver to Montréal, Project Pablo became well known in the Canadian electronic music scene through his 2015 debut album, I Want To Believe, on the 1080p label. After a string of solo EPs in 2017, Project Pablo’s work with Latreille is developing. Latreille runs the NAFF label and has solo material forthcoming under his newest alias Priori. Jump Source has one record out on Pablo’s ASL Singles Club — 2016’s Guide To Action, which mines the sounds of the MPC2000XL, Moog Source, modular equipment and some Juno synthesizers — and their second is due for release on a yet-to-be-named Canadian west coast label in the spring of 2018. For this Choice Mix, they explore the house and techno influences — the classic chord progressions, structures and melodies — of their own sound.

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