Choice Mix

Kito Jempere

60 minsFirst aired 3 Sep 2018Next Choice Mix Today at 6:00pm EDT
Sophia Pro

A musical journey through retro Slavic synthpop and dubbed-out sounds from the Russian disco experimentalist.

Kito Jempere is the moniker of Saint Petersburg-based DJ and producer Kirill Sergeev. Making his production debut in 2014 with Objects, he effortlessly married ambient soundscapes with laid-back, jazzy house rhythms. Releases on labels such as Let’s Play House, Dirt Crew and Bordello A Parigi followed. His latest record, Seamonster, is nothing short of a DJ weapon, with remixes from Jimi Tenor, Lipelis and Bell Towers only elevating the groove even more. In his Choice Mix, Kito Jempere pays tribute to the sounds that have shaped his irresistible style, from gorgeous ambient soundscapes to oddball Slavic synthpop and old-school dub.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Joseph Hazan

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