Choice Mix


60 minsFirst aired 22 Nov 2018Leia isto em Português

The São Paulo-based audiovisual collective presents a retrospective of original tracks by its past and present members.

With the Red Bull Music Festival landing in São Paulo this weekend, the Choice Mix highlights some of the key players in the city’s scene. Metanol FM began its activities in 2009 as a weekly online radio program, paving the way for new discussions around contemporary electronic music. Comprised of DJs Akin (AKA Non Exist), Kakubo, Noesthetics, Takeshi, with previous residents Amanda Mussi, Innsyter (AKA seixlack), MJP and visual artist U-RSO, the collective has since expanded into a curatorial platform, incorporating events and audiovisual experimentation. In this Choice Mix, Metanol weaves together original productions of current and former members and their respective side projects, revisiting almost a decade’s worth of artistry from Brazil.

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