Choice Mix


60 minsFirst aired 7 Feb 2019Next Choice Mix Mon at 4:00am EDT
Maggie Shannon

The Los Angeles DJ and Rail Up founder presents the fourth installment of her signature Suco De Baile mixes.

With Red Bull Music Festival in LA coming up, we’re shining a light on a club night that has helped shape the sound of the city. Samantha Blake Goodman, AKA Muñeka, is a Los Angeles based choreographer and founder of MAPS (Movement Arts Performance Space) — MAPS cultivates the contemporary and traditional arts of the Afro-Latinx and Caribbean diaspora in Los Angeles through dance, performance, film, photography, music, workshops and panels. She is also the founder of Rail Up, together with Kelman Duran and Foreigner. Her 100% Baile Funk sets have been featured on NTS Radio, Boiler Room, Berlin Community Radio and N.A.A.F.I Customs. Her Choice Mix is the fourth edition of her signature Suco De Baile mixes.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Joseph Hazan

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