Choice Mix

Nikkfurie plays DJ Duke

60 minsFirst aired 24 Sep 2018Next Choice Mix Today at 6:00pm EDT
Ludovic Souillat

An hour of cuts from the legendary Assassin crew beatmaker, mixed by a member of seminal rap group La Caution.

Beatmaker and MC Nikkfurie is a legend in the alternative French rap scene. Born to Moroccan parents in Noisy-le-Sec, in Seine-Saint-Denis, he signed to Assassin productions in the late ’90s before launching his own imprint, Kerozen Music — he also released music with his friend and collaborator Hi-Tekk, under the name La Caution. For his Choice Mix, Nikkfurie goes back to his roots and selects his favorite DJ Duke productions. Always on the edge of old school and new school, and never outdated, the Nikkfurie selection drives you into the heart of French beatmaking.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Joseph Hazan

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