Choice Mix


60 minsFirst aired 18 Sep 2018Lisez le en Français
Maiko Rodrig

The Montréal multi-instrumentalist and DJ throws down a wide-ranging mix of rap, electro and charting heaters.

As part of our week-long dive into the artists shaping the sound of Montréal, the Choice Mix turns the spotlight on musician, DJ and electronic producer Ouri. Her eclectic taste in music and trademark style of mixing together various club genres is attributed in large part to her musical upbringing playing classical instruments like piano, harp and cello. Released in 2017, her debut EP Maze is full of floaty, delightful rhythms and irresistible beats. In her Choice Mix, Ouri brings songs and styles of a wide variety together in a refreshingly bold way.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Joseph Hazan

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