Choice Mix

Panal Records

60 minsFirst aired 26 Oct 2018Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDTLeer esto en español
Gio Foschino

An hour of techno, electro and breakbeat, selected by label co-founder Kamila Govorcin.

The Choice Mix is switching up things up a bit by presenting to you some of the labels that are shaping the music scene in Chile right now. Panal Records is a label formed by Elias Deepman, Kamila Govorcin and Manuela Aldunate aimed at accommodating new and old electronic music producers looking for a platform to expand their projects both within and outside the country. Since their launch in 2015, they’ve released over 30 releases and have played a pivotal role in shaping the countries’ music scene.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Joseph Hazan

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