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60 minsFirst aired 13 Jun 2017Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT
Courtesy of Parris

With a new EP out on Hemlock, the London producer gives his dub-inflected club beats breathing space, framing them with laconic pop melodies

In dark basements and in radio booths, dotted around the endless sprawl of London, Parris has been producing and playing a style of broken club beats that have a uniquely British feel to them. Part of a loose crew of producers connected through labels such as Tempa, Keysound and Idle Hands, Parris builds beats in a DMZ style - bare bones melodies, rumbling bass and a willingness to use space and silence as production tools in themselves - in ways that defy conventions around what makes a dance floor move. It’s a style that he’s developed over many years - from when he worked at vital but now defunct record shop Black Market, and now with his Soundman Chronicles label, which has released music from Wen, Rabit, Facta and Etch. With his latest solo EP, Your Kiss Is Sour, out on the Hemlock label this summer, Parris has stepped up to the Choice Mix at a slant. Rather than presenting his beats in the context of the dance, he’s folded them into dreamscape pop harmonies, underground indie guitar melodies and romantic swathes of strange electronics.

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