Choice Mix

Rune Bagge

60 minsFirst aired 12 Dec 2018
Cameron Pagett

As part of the series of mixes curated by Courtesy, the rising Copenhagen artist presents tough-as-nails techno.

Rune Bagge is a Danish producer and DJ based in Copenhagen whose sound merges hard techno, drum & bass and IDM to create a powerful, melancholic atmosphere. His productions have been featured on labels such as Northern Electronics and Ownlife, but his work is mostly rooted in the local Copenhagen techno community. He first worked with fellow techno-obsessed Dane Courtesy on the Ectotherm label for 2016’s Ingen Tak Til Systemet EP, and that musical affinity led to Bagge appearing on Kulør 001, the first full-length compilation from Courtesy’s new label, Kulør. As a DJ, Bagge is known for his tough-as-nails mixing style, a relentless trip through 140 BPM techno.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Michael Blumenfeld

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