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Sany Pitbull

60 minsFirst aired 19 Nov 2018Leia isto em Português
Daniela Dacorso

The baile funk legend unearths two decades worth of classic tracks and forgotten gems from local carioca funk soundsystem crews.

With the Red Bull Music Festival landing in São Paulo, we shift our focus on the artists that are have shaped the Brazilian sound. Hailing from São Cristóvão, Sergio Reis Silva, AKA Sany Pitbull, is one of the originators of funk carioca, a genre associated with Rio’s favelas. Equipped with an AKAI MPC, his style has become so synonymous with funk carioca that he was even invited to perform at the London Olympics in 2012, as part of a cultural exchange between the then-host city and the subsequent Olympic city, Rio. His EP Baile Funk Masters #2 combines hard-hitting percussive elements from around the globe and polyrhythmic dance styles that sound just as fresh today as when they were released over a decade ago (on the German imprint Man Recordings). In this episode, Sany Pitbull unpacks his record bag to present the evolution of baile funk.


Produced by Caroline Whiteley
Engineered by Joseph Hazan

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