Choice Mix

Shaun J. Wright

60 minsFirst aired 30 Jan 2018Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT
Ricardo Bouyett

The Black Madonna collaborator, Hercules & Love Affair vocalist, DJ and dancer anchors his house beats with the voices of vogue history.

Shaun J. Wright is a producer, dancer, vocalist, and DJ from Chicago, who is currently based between Detroit and Berlin. Starting out as a footwork dancer in the ’90s, he moved to Atlanta to study Drama/Dance at Morehouse College, where he participated in the vogue ballroom community in the early ’00s. He continued his graduate studies at the London College of Fashion, spending his nights dancing at riotous parties like Erol Alkan’s infamous Trash and Nag Nag Nag at The Ghetto. After his studies, he returned to the US and began to produce music and sing for others, most notably with the queer house-pop crew Hercules & Love Affair. In recent years he’s focused on his long-term collaboration with Alinka, their label, Twirl, and collaborating with The Black Madonna on her forthcoming debut album. His Choice Mix is anchored by the voices of historical black women performers who have inspired his music and dance studies. “I want to incorporate histories into my mixes,” he says. “I grew up black and gay in Chicago, sneaking into the Generator and Prop House way before I should have been allowed. Many of the pivotal voices and dancers are still unheralded. As a former ballroom participant, I know the power of how trans women performers can come onto the floor or runway and really shake up the room - that to me is as much a part of dance music culture as the signifiers we’re used to, like ‘rave’ or ‘deep house.’ These people are transmitters of ancestral energies, a luminescence that you just can’t find on certain dance floors anymore.”

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