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60 minsFirst aired 28 Nov 2017Next Choice Mix Today at 11:00am EST
Cecilia Corsano-Leopizzi

The member of Seattle’s female, trans and non-binary arts crew TUF delivers a high-energy hour of warped house, techno and disco.

T.Wan is a DJ and community organizer based in Seattle. A lifelong fan of underground dance music, from house and techno to disco and electro, she started playing music out at parties after attending a female-focused DJing workshop led by Portland’s S1 crew (formerly Women’s Beat League). Wan is known in her local scene as a member of TUF - an intersectional female, trans and non-binary arts collective that “celebrates its members through collaboration, workshops, skill shares and events.” As well as putting on parties in Seattle, they also run TUFFEST, an annual festival that hosts workshops and panels, as well as musical performances. The 2017 edition saw North American artists like Russell E.L. Butler, K-Hand and Eris Drew play alongside the TUF members.

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