Choice Mix

Yves de Mey

60 minsFirst aired 31 May 2016Next Choice Mix Tomorrow at 6:00pm EDT

Belgian ambient producer Yves De Mey delivers a time-stretching, edgy mix of experimental soundscapes.

Belgian producer Yves De Mey is something of a veteran when it comes to experimental techno. He’s been producing with fellow Belgian Peter Van Hoesen for years as the duo Sendai, but he’s recently come into his own as a solo artist, sculpting experimental ambient soundscapes. His latest solo album, Drawn With Shadow Pens, on the Spectrum Spools label, is an austere statement about manipulating time, rhythm and texture to suit a particular headspace, rather than a banging dancefloor. For his Choice Mix, Yves De Mey goes deep into this headspace and tests the limits of his tools with flair.

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