Choice Mix

Zek Picoteiro

60 minsFirst aired 4 Dec 2018Leia isto em Português
Mariana Almeida Cabron

The Brazilian DJ and producer presents a taste of the rich musical landscape of the northern state of Pará.

Hailing from Pará, this producer and DJ blends brega, techno, cumbia, lambada, merengue and carimbó. He’s also one half of the duo Los Picoteros with DJ Azul, and is the resident DJ of the Lambateria”event series. As a producer, Zek’s style is influenced by the origins of Pará music, whilst retaining a contemporary club sound. As part of the week-long series of Choice Mixes celebrating soundsystem culture in Brazil, Zek’s Caribbean Paraense mix takes a trip through Paraense music, a Brazilian sound that is closer in style to that of the Caribbean islands than other regions of Brazil.

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