Choice Mix


60 minsFirst aired 6 Mar 2018
Brian Whar

Cofounder of Cairo collective VENT and affiliate of Lee Gamble’s UIQ label transmits one hour of alien timbres and broken rave rhythms.

Zuli is an Egyptian producer and DJ whose experimental electronic music draws from North African and Middle Eastern influences to fascinating effect. A familiar face in Cairo’s small but passionate underground music scene, he’s cofounded three different collectives: The venue space, party and festival, VENT; the Kairo Is Coming musical crew; and the multidisciplinary arts team AHOMA. His first two EPs, 2016’s Bionic Ahmed and 2017’s Numbers, were released on Lee Gamble’s UIQ label, and held a residency at the prestigious EMS Stockholm. After debuting his incendiary live show at Berlin’s CTM Festival 2018, Zuli is due to release his third EP, Trigger Finger, on Haunter Records (Haunter is the label behind Macao, a squat devoted to alternative arts and culture, and the Saturnalia Festival, both in Milan). For his Choice Mix, Zuli invites us into his world.

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