Couch Wisdom

RP Boo

73 minsFirst aired 9 Nov 2018
Maria Jose Govea

The Chicago footwork originator digs deep into his trials, tribulations, dances and productions.

Chicago producer Kavain Space, AKA RP Boo, invented footwork with his 1997 track “Baby Come On.” A dancer at first, Space learned to produce thanks to Dance Mania affiliate DJ Slugo. By bumping up the tempo of ghetto house, he established a new template that lit a fire under an entire generation of dancers and producers. In the wake of footwork’s expansion outside of Chicago, the Planet Mu label released two retrospectives of RP Boo’s pioneering work – 2013’s Legacy and 2015’s Classics Vol.1. Space continues to produce and DJ around the world, the enduring success of his music proving that there’s still no one quite like him. In this episode of Couch Wisdom recorded at the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy, RP Boo recalled the trials, tribulations, dances and productions that made him a pioneer of a unique Chicago sound.


Interview by Vivian Host
Produced by Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by JP del Mundo

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