Counter Intelligence

The Artform Studio

60 minsFirst aired 1 Feb 2019
Mark "Frosty" McNeill

Take a peek inside Adrian and Sherry Younge’s Los Angeles hub for top-notch vinyl, and haircuts to boot.

The Artform Studio started as a hair salon in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, but in its current iteration in Highland Park, it’s also a record store. To hear owners Adrian and Sherry Younge tell it, both sides amplify and play off one another, adding up to a unique cultural destination on a block of Figueroa that also features a listening bar, a lovingly restored bowling alley and the offices of Stones Throw Records. Sherry oversees the salon while Adrian covers the shop’s expertly curated selection of rare jazz, soul, soundtracks and other timeless sounds — much of which has inspired his work as a composer and producer for artists like Kendrick Lamar and Ghostface Killah. Here Adrian and Sherry discuss the beautiful synergies that exist at the Artform Studio and how Adrian makes an explicit connection between new music and the older records he sells.


Interview by Mark “Frosty” McNeill
Produced by Jordan Rothlein and Jeff Mao
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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