Counter Intelligence

Doctor Vinyl

60 minsFirst aired 20 Apr 2018
Julian Brimmers

The Sound of Belgium is alive and kicking: Step inside the famed Brussels hub for all things EBM, new beat, house, techno and beyond.

Located right next to the Place Saint-Géry, near the tourist-filled but labyrinthine area south of La Bourse, you’ll find Doctor Vinyl, the self-proclaimed dinosaur of Brussels record shops. The Doctor himself, DJ/producer and music journalist Geert Sermon, opened his doors to give us a guided tour through 20-plus years of The Sound of Brussels. This vaguely defined amalgamation of EBM, new beat, industrial, house and techno has found a home at his shop since the very beginning. Combining an eye-catching storefront with a welcoming atmosphere and a very Belgian sense of surreal humor, the store continues to attract diggers looking for peak-time dance records, moody wave and disco obscurities alike. Come for the anthems, stay for the Jeff Mills, DJ Sneak and David Guetta (!) stories.


Interview by Julian Brimmers
Produced by Jeff Mao and Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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