Counter Intelligence

Galactic Supermarket

60 minsFirst aired 5 Oct 2018
Maxwell Schiano

Step inside Nord-Friedrichshain’s cosmic hub for all things krautrock, jazz and eccentric rarities from all eras.

Located two minutes from Frankfurter Tor in Berlin’s Friedrichshain district, Galactic Supermarket is the kind of unlikely neighborhood staple that combines welcoming vibes with highly exclusive selections. Der galaktische Supermarkt deliberately does not attract attention with a flashy storefront or an exuberant online presence; most significantly, the Supermarket is not exactly specialized but deeply stocked in a broad variety of genres. You’ll likely find a secondhand copy of your favorite industrial, punk, jazz or schlager record here, but you can just as well dig deep for original psych and krautrock gems ranging from €20 to a second mortgage on your house. Owner Thomas Ulmer tells us about the store’s special atmosphere and his own journey from playing in GDR punk bands to selling wax, while showcasing his favorite psych, electronic and avant-jazz records in the process.


Interview by Julian Brimmers
Produced by Jeff Mao and Jordan Rothlein
Engineered by Denis Hürter

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