Counter Intelligence

Good Records

60 minsFirst aired 17 May 2016Next Counter Intelligence Sat at 6:00am EDT

Good Records has got the goods, as you’ll learn from our peek into this hideaway of rarities and bargain-bin gems in NYC’s East Village.

A staple of the East Village’s used vinyl circuit since 2005, Good Records continues to thrive as a digger’s destination by subscribing to the simple but wholly effective philosophy reflected by its name: a commitment to turning up and selling quality records across genres. While other shops may house more stock, Good’s homey and inviting East 5th Street storefront makes you feel like you’re visiting friends – ones who just happen to have top-shelf tastes in soul, funk, jazz, rock, hip-hop, electro, disco, gospel, experimental, Latin, Jamaican and African sounds. Perpetually early on digging trends, owner Jonny Sklute makes a point of integrating not-yet-obvious gems amongst more reliably classic and in-demand titles – from the wall pieces to the bargain-heavy “$5 Dolla Holla” bin. And a faithful clientele of enthusiasts and eccentrics reflects the true soul of one of the city’s most storied neighborhoods.

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