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60 minsFirst aired 24 Mar 2017
Calum Morton

Walk through the doors of Glasgow’s multifaceted Rubadub, a gear shop, vinyl distributor and renowned hub for up-to-the-minute dance tracks.

On Howard Street in the heart of Glasgow, there’s a store selling a wealth of great electronic records along with the tools to make electronic music of your own. Once you’ve made some, that same shop might just end up distributing your tracks through its network of labels. Quite naturally, it’s become a critical hub for generations of the city’s DJs, producers and other aficionados. The shop is Rubadub, and since launching in nearby Paisley in 1992, its mission has been to make electronic music more accessible. In the early days, that was about getting lusted-after records from Chicago and Detroit over to the UK, blending that import stock with some of the best electro, techno and less easily defined productions from their side of the Atlantic. That ethos has continued to the present, and it’s difficult to imagine Glasgow’s tightknit club scene without Rubadub’s gravitational pull. It’s no easy task summarizing such a multipronged organization, so we spoke to a range of Rubadub employees who could speak to the many parts of its whole – Martin McKay, Dan Lurinsky, Richard Chater and Ryan Martin all contribute stories and insight, along with a selection of key releases from the shop’s bins and distribution warehouse.


New York-based house producer, Proibito label head and fantastic DJ Anthony Naples has a knack for starting things off right – 2012’s Mad Disrespect 12” was the inaugural release on Mister Saturday Night, while 2013’s RAD-AN1 marked Rubadub’s first in-house release.


This RBMA Daily piece assesses the significance of New York City’s New Music Seminar, where Detroit techno collective Underground Resistance banded together for their first performance in the early ‘90s.


Dixon Avenue Basement James, Numbers. and All Caps are three labels that have emerged from the tight-knit Rubadub community.


Interview by Ray Philp
Produced by Jeff Mao and Jordan Rothlein
Audio editing by Denis Hürter

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