Discreet Music

Sacred Music

120 minsFirst aired 25 Mar 2019
Artwork by Nayan Graf Quartier

Sam Hockley-Smith explores what makes music sacred. Featuring the sounds of Fennesz, Meitei and Sosena Gebre Eyesus.

What makes music sacred? Often there’s an intangible religious element to sound, placing it somewhere in a spiritual realm. Other times there’s a kind of depth, where a song can shift and warp time and take you outside of yourself. In this installment of Discreet Music, we look at music that feels sacred, from the otherworldly tones of Sosena Gebre Eyesus and the homemade instruments of Michael O’Shea to Fennesz’s impossibly dense new bedroom music and the warped beatscapes of Meitei.

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