DM Nation with Black Noi$e and SKYWLKR


60 minsFirst aired 28 Jan 2019
Courtesy of Black Noi$e

The dynamic duo begin their week-long takeover by setting free a trove of underground Detroit hip hop, heady house, and wonky lo-fi beats.

Michigan production cohorts Black Noi$e and SKYWLKR are responsible for some of your favorite trippy Midwest rap beats, having worked with the likes of Danny Brown, Zelooperz, Cashout Ant, Lucki, Kash tha Kushman and Earl Sweatshirt. But these guys’ expertise isn’t limited to hip-hop: Black Noi$e plays bass in a hardcore band and also crafts some of the most sublime house and techno tracks around, while SKYWLKR is a core member of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade crew – he’s also the Detroit rapper’s tour DJ – who’s best known for sinister cyberpunk instrumentals and fire mixtapes. Together they’re responsible for DM Nation, a showcase of the freshest Michigan producers, an effort inspired by video games, hood tapes, emo bands and hot sauce corn chips (among other things).


Produced by Conor Anderson
Engineered by Veniece Session

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