DM Nation with Black Noi$e and SKYWLKR

The Deep End

120 minsFirst aired 24 May 2019
Conor Anderson

The crew rolls up deep to the studio with a sneak peak of their Movement set.

Detroit’s Movement festival is famous for techno. But this being Detroit, the programming operates under a notably loose definition of the genre. On the Sunday of the festival, the Red Bull Presents stage embodies that free-flowing vibe – Gucci Mane, DJ Godfather and Danny Brown are all on the bill – and DM Nation will be on opening duties. On this special edition of the radio show recorded live from our Detroit studio ahead of the festival, Black Noi$e and SKYWLKR offer a glimpse of their set, and rather than spoil the fun here, we’ll let this jam-packed, deep-rolling broadcast speak for itself.


Produced and engineered by Conor Anderson

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