Earl Sweatshirt Stays Inside

Rhymes Like Dimes

120 minsFirst aired 22 Jun 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Artwork by PONY

Earl Sweatshirt and Gio take us from Drake’s pout party to Willie Wright’s Africa…and beyond.

When Earl Sweatshirt Stays Inside, things stay smooth even when they turn up. When Mike-Will getting back into Trouble with Drake, he still passes “Plastic Bags” around to his girls at the club to make sure they don’t lose any cash. Each month, Earl & friends guide us through the music that moves them. On this episode, the journey takes us from Tierra Whack’s fresh “Fruit Salad,” back in time with Sarah Vaughan and Esther Phillips, and out on the corner with “Red Burns.” At times ambient and occasionally lit, Earl & Gio flip rhymes like dimes and take you on a ride without ever going outside.


Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall

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