Earl Sweatshirt Stays Inside


120 minsFirst aired 28 Sep 2018
Jeremy Deputat

Earl Sweatshirt welcomes a special guest to the program: The singer, songwriter, and fan of the show Solange Knowles.

A Very Special Episode of Earl Sweatshirt Stays Inside. This month Earl welcomes an esteemed guest to the program, and it does not disappoint: The singer, songwriter, and self-professed fan of the show Solange Knowles. For the first hour, Earl and Solange chop it up at Red Bull Studios in Los Angeles, discussing her hairdresser (who is legendary reggae singer and actress Sister Carol’s son), creating her own mudras, their mutual affection for Tierra Whack and Earl’s plans to transition into being a full-time youth basketball coach and conspiracy theorist. Standing on the Corner’s Gio Escobar closes out the episode with an hour-long journey through the space-time continuum and a tribute to John Coltrane for his birthday. You won’t want to miss this.


Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Nat Weiner

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