Earl Sweatshirt Stays Inside

Temperature’s Rising

120 minsFirst aired 30 Jun 2017
Artwork by PONY

Roll down the shutters and pump up the volume as Earl Sweat and Knxwledge pay tribute to the realest to ever do it. Rest well, Prodigy.

“Experience life, through the shoes of me
What you find, is you can’t do that, you ain’t built for it
The impact I put on this earth
It’s like nuttin that you ever seen or heard; so look listen
When I speak, sit up in your seat
Pay attention to the words, cause the story is deep”

Prodigy - “You Can Neva Feel My Pain”


Welcome back to Stay Inside: Earl’s coming to you from New York for hour #1. Rest in power, Prodigy. Let’s go.


Kicking things off with Tha God Fahim & Mach-Hommy. We just had Mach over for his first proper radio interview, catch it while it’s still live (outside the US only).


“Yo, we back - another month! We split up tho, Glen doing his shit in LA, I’m doing mine over here. We playing songs man. We’re reeling of the loss of a true soldier, we’re gonna get into it later. Let’s get it.” - Earl


This is Knxwledge’s rendition of Keep It Thoro. Salute P.


A classic in the making: watch Prodigy rehearse his lyrics, while Alchemist is chopping the beat for Hold You Down. Seriously, we need to bring Nina Sky back.


“Gangsters don’t die, we just turn to legends / All we go through is hell, what the fuck is a heaven.”
This is Prodigy & Alchemist - Legends off of Return of the Mac, one of the strongest comeback rap albums of all time.


“Drink Away the Pain” - watch Q-Tip discuss his relationship with Mobb Deep and Nas in this lecture from RBMA New York.


There’s a new breed of extreme talent in NY right now. This is Sixpress feat. MIKE, a track called Game Boy. Don’t sleep on MIKE’s May God Bless Your Hustle, which was just pronounced best new music on Pitchfork.


Knxwledge starting off hour #2 with a classic Mobb Deep freestyle from the Stretch & Bobbito radio show. Make sure to stream their Radio That Changed Lives documentary for more legendary recordings.


“Who else could it be?”: Nas and Preemo with one of their many timeless classics - this is 2nd Childhood.


No episode of this program without some uplifting R&B - here’s a special version of Zhane’s Sending My Love.


“The dirt underneath my fingernails got a story to tell of they own
All things is shown, ain’t nothing to hide. I speak the raw truth
Rewind my whole verse if there is anything you overlooked
‘Cus I don’t got time for your bullshit talk
‘cus n***as getting murdered in the streets of New York
So at the same time, I’m outside taking mine
I’m taking yours
‘til I hit the figures in the fours..”

RIP Prodigy. Thanks for listening.


Hosted by Earl Sweatshirt & Knxwledge
New York segment produced by Harley Brown / engineered by Joe Hazan
Produced by Julian Brimmers

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