A Brief History of Italian Hip-Hop

120 minsFirst aired 8 Aug 2018Read this in Italian
Artwork by Nick Taylor

David Nerattini looks back on the colorful story of Italian rap from 1990-2005, with tracks from Isola Posse, Joe Cassano and Lou X.

On today’s show we travel to Italy to look at regional beats and rhymes, while celebrating the universality of hip-hop. The love affair between Italian youth and hip-hop started in the early ’80s, when a few TV shows and movies showed splinters of what was happening in New York. Kids all over the world started to imitate the ones in the Bronx; in Italy it was mostly DJs, b-boys and a few graf writers, and MCing was still strictly in broken English and not very good. By 1990 the scene broadened, and rapping in Italian became inevitable. Over the next two hours you’ll hear a brief history of Italian hip-hop from 1990 to 2005, disclosing this peculiar take on the culture, and the richness of its language and dialects. Featuring tracks by Onda Rossa Posse, Isola Posse, Sangue Misto, the Next Diffusion, Joe Cassano, Neffa, DJ Gruff, Lou X, Colle Der Formento, La Famiglia and many more.

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