Italo Brasileiro

120 minsFirst aired 27 Mar 2016
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Vinyl custodian and crate archeologist David Nerattini explores the long-running rhythmic love affair between Italy and Brazil.

The fascination of the exotic runs both ways for Brazil and Italy’s fascination which each other. Aside from football, fashion, or food, this mutual admiration also applies to music, and in this episode of Extrafly, David Nerattini digs out a selection of covers and crossovers that explore this long-running romance. From Ennio Morricone’s collaborations with Chico Buarque and Astrud Gilberto, to Brazilian excursions by composer Augusto Martelli, chart tour de force Mina, jazz singer Natalino Otto, Italo Brasileiro looks at the legacy of the Brazilian bounce through Italy’s old world jazz lens.

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