Free Funk Punk

120 minsFirst aired 11 Jul 2018
Artwork by Nick Taylor

David Nerattini digs into the syncopated cross section of punk, free jazz and funk and finds Sun Ra, Miles Davis, Material and plenty more.

This month’s show is dedicated to a style that mixes avant-garde jazz and funk rhythms: free funk. Between the mid-‘70s and early ‘80s, inspired by Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra, a handful of American and British musicians embraced this fusion and took it to the next level. They added a post-punk, art-rock attitude to the mix that for a brief moment in the ‘80s helped free funk become one of the leading styles of contemporary music. Over the next two hours, we will explore the era with tracks by Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, the Human Arts Ensemble, James Blood Ulmer, James Chance, Material, Pig Bag and Rip, Rig And Panic.

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