German Grooves

120 minsFirst aired 12 Sep 2018
Artwork by Nick Taylor

Sifting through German easy listening, jazz, rock and library music, from the likes of Can, Niagara, Manfred Krug and Hildegard Knef.

On today’s show, David Nerattini digs in the German crates, once again looking for the perfect beat in unlikely places. We’ll cover schlager music and easy listening from the ‘70s, as well as more familiar territories like jazz, rock, soundtracks and library music. Over the next two hours listen in to hear tracks from Peter Herbolzheimer, Udo Lindenburg, Curt Cress Clan, Passport, Klaus Weiss, James Last, Missus Beastly, Can, Niagara, Charly Antolini and Volker Kriegel, all as part of the Red Bull Music Academy’s 20th Anniversary in Berlin.

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