Italian Minimalism

120 minsFirst aired 13 Dec 2018Read this in Italian
Artwork by Nick Taylor

David Nerattini probes the strange and wonderful world of Italy’s minimalist composers, including Luciano Cilio and Giusto Pio.

In this episode of Extrafly, David Nerattini explores the strange and wonderful world of Italian minimal music. In the early ‘70s, inspired by the masters of American minimalism like Terry Riley, La Monte Young and Philip Glass, as well as by the European avant-garde, a handful of Italian musicians from very different backgrounds started experimenting with sound textures, repetitions, drones and pulses. In the process, they released some very interesting records that have stood the test of time, thanks to a unique and refreshingly Italian approach. Over the next two hours we stretch time like a rubber band, and discover music by Luciano Cilio, Franco Battiato, Giusto Pio, Roberto Cacciapaglia and more.

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