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Chi Ching Ching

120 minsFirst aired 27 Jun 2018Next The Federation Sound Today at 2:00pm EDT
Maxwell Schiano

Dancehall and reggae authority Max Glazer delivers fresh tunes and news from Kingston to Brooklyn, and welcomes Chi Ching Ching to NYC.

This week on the Federation Sound, Max Glazer is joined in the studio by Jamaica’s own Chi Ching Ching, a self-proclaimed dancer, socialite and street linguist who also happens to know his way around a turntable. Radion Beckford, AKA Chi Ching Ching, is one of the more exciting new voices in dancehall whose knack for keeping the dancefloor moving is rooted in his own experience as a dancer. The 35-year-old singjay got his break at weekly dancehall parties like Weddy Weddy and Dutty Fridaze with the All-Star Dancers, and soon became known for rolling out a literal red carpet to set the vibe at his performances. He made the transition to the decks in 2014 with “Lock Pon Di Ting,” and broke out after signing with Popcaan’s Unruly imprint. On this edition of the Federation Sound, Ching updates Max about his new music and what he’s got lined up next for the red carpet.


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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