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120 minsFirst aired 15 Mar 2017
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Maxwell Schiano

Max Glazer invites the leading light of Jamaica’s roots movement to discuss his new LP Chronology and unleash some fire freestyles.

“Once I have love, then I have somewhere to start.” That philosophy not only forms the basis of Jamaican roots champion Chronixx’s “Likes,” off of his new album Chronology, it underlies his whole raison d’etre as an artist. Under the musical tutelage of his father, dancehall singer Chronicle, the artist born Jamar McNaughton came up singing backup harmonies and assisting with studio production. Chronixx’s commitment to hard work, authenticity and the abundant, myriad sounds of Jamrock – from Niyabinghi music to rocksteady – shone through his debut EP, 2011’s Hooked On Chronixx. Three years later, his Dread and Terrible project hooked The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, and the rest (topping Billboard and iTunes charts, selling out shows worldwide) is the history leading up to Chronology. On the back of a jubilant return to The Tonight Show, Chronixx touches down on the Federation Sound with Max Glazer to discuss rising artists he admires, influences you might not expect and continually surprising his listeners.

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