The Federation Sound


120 minsFirst aired 17 Apr 2019
Rebecca Meek

The Jamaican duo sit down with Max Glazer to talk about their budding collaboration and worldwide sound.

Vocalist Sarah Couch and producer David Marston coalesced as collaborators in 2017 and make music as DejaVilla. The pair have similar life stories, having both attended the same schools growing up in Kingston — and amazingly, their respective great-grandfathers were the founders of Desnoes & Geddes, brewers of the iconic Red Stripe beer. In late 2018, they released the singles “Suit a Rebel” and “Feel Me Running Away,” and in early 2019 they released the Federation Sound favorite “Ochi to Mobay.” The sound they’ve sketched out so far is a journey through dub, reggae and R&B, interwoven with ethereal pop dance production. Their catalog is only three-songs deep, but this spring an EP is due on Ultra Music with a host of new tracks. Tune in to hear a bunch of new ones from Max Glazer and an interview with DejaVilla.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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