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120 minsFirst aired 17 Oct 2018Next The Federation Sound Wed at 2:00pm EDT
Maxwell Schiano

The profoundly spiritual reggae artist and yogi brings her signature jazz on dub style to the studio to chop it up with host Max Glazer.

Born in rural Jamaica, Janine Cunningham would discover the underground poetry scene after moving to Kingston as a child. The artist now known as Jah9 found her voice in the empty spaces of instrumental dub, and has taken it and her dub-inspired band The Dub Treatment around the world as a staple on the reggae and world music festival circuit. On this episode of The Federation Sound, she talks with Max Glazer about her new music, the organic, music-based yoga experience she curates and calls ‘Yoga on Dub,’ and bringing Jamaican culture to the world.


Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Ryan Woodhall

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