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120 minsFirst aired 9 May 2018Next The Federation Sound Tomorrow at 4:00pm EST
Photo by Nicole Fara Silver

Max Glazer revisits last night’s RBM Festival lecture with dancehall star Spice, who has taken the genre by storm with a rude-gyal bravado.

On this week’s episode, host Max Glazer replays his live onstage interview with Spice at Brooklyn venue Friends & Lovers the previous night, part of the Red Bull Music Festival New York. Spice got her first big break as a DJ at the iconic Sting Festival — soon after, she teamed up with Baby Cham and Dave Kelly, which led to her first single on Mad House, “Mi Gone.” Her natural energy and onstage charisma have proven to be a hit, paving the way toward a constant stream of of collaborations, singles and videos, including bona fide smashes like “Needle Eye” and “So Mi Like It.”


Produced by Harley Brown
Engineered by Joe Hazan

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