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Ann Magnuson

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Austin Young

From radical performances in New York clubland to decades on the silver screen, this star performer has tons of tales to tell.

In conjunction with the inaugural Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles, we’ve put together a special series of LA-centric programming, which includes both brand new shows and selections from our archives.

Ann Magnuson is a singer, musician, DJ and actor who moved to New York in the late ’70s and became a performer at two key venues in the city’s revolutionary post-disco scene: Mudd Club and Club 57. She created characters for the stage, using humor, sex and pop-culture pastiche in a style that landed her a role in the Madonna-led 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan, and saw her cross over from the club scene to the silver screen. A star in dozens of film and television shows since the ’80s, including Tequila Sunrise, Panic Room, Frasier and Modern Family, Magnuson’s tales of Hollywood stardom and radical performance make her a unique underground figure.


Interview by Mark “Frosty” McNeill
Written, produced and engineered by Frank Westerkamp

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