Fireside Chat

Ashley Fure

60 minsFirst aired 4 Apr 2018
Matt Zugale

The American composer, installation artist and academic on creating operas and teaching composition.

Ashley Fure is an American composer and installation artist whose work explores the kinetic source of sound. Born in Michigan in 1982, she studied at Oberlin College before earning her PhD in music composition from Harvard University, joining the Dartmouth College music department as an assistant professor in 2015. In recent years, Fure has been widely praised for her work: She was a finalist for the 2016 Pulitzer Prize in Music, and received a Guggenheim Fellowship and a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship from Columbia University, among myriad other academic prizes and recognitions. Fure’s compositions have been commissioned by ensembles such as the New York Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Klangforum, and she created an immersive, intermedia opera, The Force of Things: An Opera for Objects, with her brother, Adam Fure, which is celebrating its NY premiere during the Mostly Mozart festival this summer.


Interview by Aaron Gonsher
Written and engineered by Marc Übel
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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