Fireside Chat

Black Milk

60 minsFirst aired 21 May 2018
Maxwell Schiano

A Detroit native son reflects on his journey: From young Dilla disciple to esteemed indie artist and producer with a message in his music.

When he emerged out of Detroit’s west side in the mid-2000s, Black Milk was heralded as an exciting young producer and MC in the mold of his hero, J Dilla. With a flurry of highly praised solo releases, productions and collaborations, Black Milk would quickly establish himself as an important musical figure in his own right. As a beatmaker, the breadth of his sample-driven boom-clap effortlessly progressed into live instrumentation, fueling acclaimed pairings with Danny Brown, the band Nat Turner and the hip-hop super group Random Axe with Guilty Simpson and Sean Price. As a wordsmith, his material gradually advanced into more personal territory, touching on topical subject matter with an impressive assuredness via projects like No Poison No Paradise and Fever. A real double threat, here Black Milk discusses his creative evolution.


Interview by Jeff Mao
Written and engineered by Max Schweder
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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