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Bokeh Versions Label Special

60 minsFirst aired 9 Aug 2018Next Fireside Chat Today at 11:00am EST
Courtesy of Bokeh Versions

A trip through the Bristol-based dark steppas label, with psychedelic dub roots and a love for freaky gothic rock.

Bokeh Versions is a Bristol-based label specializing in reissues and contemporary releases of experimental dub music. Started by Miles Opland in 2016, the imprint draws influences from gothic, industrial and post-rock, science fiction, psychedelic writings and cosmic jazz, to cultivate a sound and aesthetic that’s pointedly “out there.” As stated affectionately by Opland himself, Bokeh Versions is a label that involves “breakcore and industrial and dark sci-fi steppas, with some mild dub influences.” Recently, the label has released music by Greek producer Jay Glass Dubs, the mysterious Filipino-Canadian collective Seekersinternational, alien dancehall act Duppy Gun and steppas artist TNT Roots.


Interview by Lauren Martin
Written and engineered by Tobias Jansen
Produced by Carmen Hofmann

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